Parking at the Conference Site

If you are travelling by car, three parking grounds (2 on the island, 1 on the mainland) can be used for parking:

P3: close to "Europa Platz" on the mainland of Lindau. Costs: max 5 €/day

P4: at the "Zwanzigerstrasse", situated between the "Inselhalle" (conference site) and the "Rotkreuz Platz", Costs: max 10€/day

P5: at the "Thierschstrasse", close to the train station in Lindau. Costs: max 5€/day

Public Transport

Please use the following train station as a destination in Lindau: Lindau Hbf


German Railway 

Swiss Railway

Austrian Railway

Public Transport Lindau


NOTE: If you are buying a ticket from Zürich Airport to Lindau Hbf, please use the counters at the airport. The ticket machines from SBB sometimes do not list smaller destinations in foreign countries. 




International Airports:


From Frankfurt a. M. Flughafen (Frankfurt Int Airport, D) to Lindau Hauptbahnhof (main station) by german railway 

From Zurich Airport, CH (IATA: ZRH) to Lindau Hauptbahnhof (main station)
by swiss railway

From Munich Airport, D (IATA: MUC) to Lindau Hauptbahnhof (main station)
by german railway

Note: The german as well as the swiss railway companies are providing online ticketing. The german railway company (Deutsche Bahn AG) is also providing cheap tickets (29EUR, one way, all trains) for a destination of your choice in Germany, but the number of tickets are limited. But also early-bird reductions on regular tickets are often available. 

Additional airports for intra-european traffic:

Friedrichshafen Bodensee Airport, D (IATA: FDH)

There are mainly flights operated by Lufthansa from Frankfurt International, D (IATA: FRA) to Friedrichshafen but also from some other airports in Europe. From Friedrichshafen to Lindau will take again around 45min by swiss or german public transport . Alternatively, it is possible to use a local ferry (1h 25min). For this you have to take the Bus (nr. 8) or a local train from Airport (Bodensee Flughafen) to the Harbour (Friedrichshafen Hafen).  


Innsbruck Airport, AT (IATA: INN)

Flights to Innsbruck Airport are provided by AirBerlin, easyJet, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Aeroflot and some more. By public transport it is easy to arrive at Innsbruck main station. From there, the austrian railway company (ÖBB) can be used to reach Lindau.


Stuttgart Airport, D (IATA: STR)

Stuttgart Airport is a destination which is approached by all main airlines for intra-european traffic. For additional informations, please click here. It is connected to local trains by german railways (Deutsche Bahn).


Altenrhein Airport St. Gallen, CH (IATA: ACH)

Altenrhein Airport is mainly a business airport but also flights to Vienna by Austrian Airlines are provided. Please check swiss railways (SBB) for public transport.

CO2 Compensation

If you like to compensate/calculate the CO2 emission of your flight, please visit: