Symposium on Quantitative Nanoscale AFM Measurements in Life Science

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss new trends in AFM for life science applications, where it becomes more and more important to extract quantitative information about the biological samples at the nanometer scale. It is coupled to this years nc-AFM 2011 conference to open a venue for discussion between AFM users in biological sciences and UHV-AFM users, to facilitate exchange of complimentary ideas and techniques that already exist in the different fields. The scope encompasses quantitative measurements of nanomechanical properties, nanoscale biochemical properties, electrical properties or dynamic properties, as well as new technological developments.

Scientific sessions start on Sunday, Sep 18th, 2011 and overlap with the nc-AFM 2011 conference on Monday Sep 19th with about 8 regular contributed talks and invited review talks by:

  • Ricardo Garcia (IMM, Madrid)
  • Thomas Gutsmann (FZ-Borstel, Univ. Lübeck)
  • Johannes Preiner (JKU, Linz)
  • Ozgur Sahin (Harvard)
  • Francesco Stellacci (EPFL)

Workshop participation is free if attending the main conference. We encourage your participation and look forward to meeting you in Lindau.

Prof. Georg E. Fantner, Institute of Bioengineering, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland